Creating New Friendships on Omegle? Is it Possible?

I can hear you that are you joking? Yeah, creating new friendships on Omegle is almost impossible at the moment because people ruined the website. However I still have a belief on this that we can do this. Actually I didn’t have any hope like you. The website died for years ago for me. I have made many friends from Asia, Africa, Latin America and Australia on the website. However those good people are gone for years ago. I still talk them through email and WhatsApp at times. It is fine to keep these friendships and it is also exciting to meet new people. After some changes on the website and invasion of bots and spammers, Omegle has ruined. I believe this happened because of the developer of the website.

How Did I Get Hope for Create New Friendships on Omegle?

This is a little bit strange story but I managed to do it. I have never used Spy mode before… Actually I have tried it but not for create new friendships. Then I gave it a try. I have met several nice people through the spy mode. That was an old version of Omegle to me and I enjoyed with answering questions with other strangers. I have talked to a female stranger about three hours and finally we shared our email addresses to each other. That was a good experience for me to have a friend from the website once more. She was from France. I am very close to her and I want to meet her someday. Let’s see how things will go in the future.

Answer Questions and Make Friends

Yeah answering questions is really fun on the website, I certainly recommend this to any Omegle fans. You can get new friends through this nice service of Omegle and you can meet many of those people from different countries. It was quite fun for me and I know you will also like it. I am waiting for reviews for this. Please let me know about your experiences.

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