Omegle Android Alternatives

I am going to provide some good alternatives for you on here to talk to people online on Android. These are the best alternatives of Omegle that you will able to find on iOS devices. If you have any questions about those applications please contact us!

Omegle Android Alternatives

We have generated those Omegle video alternatives from this source: You can also find some detailed information on those alternatives on those pages.


Chatous: Chatous is very famous application that you can talk to strangers with video chat feature. It is free but there is still paid options on the app. It is a good alternative of Omegle. Chatous has more than 10 million active accounts on Android


WeChat: WeChat is another good application that you can talk strangers. WeChat’s shake feature will help you to find strangers and you will see their profiles before you chatting with them. So you will know how stranger look like on the this nice app. WeChat is also a good messenger like WhatsApp. WeChat has more than 100 million active accounts on Google Play Store.

Azar Video Chat

Azar Video Chat:  Azar Video Chat is another good application for making friends. You can talk to people from any countries on this platform. It is free to use but there are paid options of the application. Azar has more than 50 million accounts on Play Store.


Holla: Holla is a good chat platform that you can meet with people. It is a good video chat platform and it is free to use. You can use this application freely. It has a high overall rating at the moment. Holla has more than 5 million accounts.

Talk to Strangers Apps on Play Store: Omegle Alternative Applications

You can find some talk to strangers apps from Play Store below…


Paltalk: Paltalk is a chat application which is existing for years. The PC version of the app is very old. You can talk to people on chat rooms on this app. You can also use the video chat feature. Paltalk has more than 5 million active account.


Tango: Tango is also another chat app that you can meet girls and guys randomly. You can send them message and expect them to send you message through this application. There are paid products of this app but you can use it freely. Tango has more than 100 million accounts on Android at the moment.


Tinder: Tinder is also very famous Android application and it is a good alternative of Android. You can meet guys and girls on this app. It is free to use and there are always many users who are using this app. Tinger got the popularity on both Android and iOS in a short time. There are more than 100 million accounts on play store at the moment.

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