Omegle Bot Problem

I think there is not anyone who couldn’t figure out with problems with bots on Omegle. This is one of the common problems with the website and it is really annoying. I will try to provide some solution for Omegle bot problem on this page. This will help you to avoid bots on the website. There are several sources which helps people to spam on Omegle on internet.  So everyone can spam on the website and everyone can advertising on the text chat. Video chat feature is far better than this about bots.

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Omegle Bot Problem and How to Fix?

There are some ways to fix Omegle bot problem. You can do it easily and you don’t need to do something special for this. All you need to do is using the features of Omegle. This is how I fixed Omegle bot problem.

  1. Stop using text chat.
  2. Use Facebook Page likes.
  3. Use common manual interests to not to meet spams.

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Stop Using Text Chat

When I stopped using the text chat, amount of bots that I met dramatically dropped. Since bots can’t talk with people with video, this is one of the good ways. However I am not telling you there are not any Omegle bots on video chat. There are still some… But they are not much as same as the text one.

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Use Facebook Page Likes

This is another and the best option if you don’t want to chat on video. Spam accounts need to have Facebook page likes as same as you had. So this won’t be easy  for them to meet you if you enable page likes option on Omegle. You will meet people based on your interests. Spam accounts generally don’t have this option.

Use Common Manual Interests

USing common manual interests will be another good option but the worst of those two that we counted above. If you use some common interests and enter them manually on Omegle, you will increase your chance to meet new people and decrease the amount of bots.

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