Omegle reCaptcha Problem

I think everyone who are using Omegle very often got this annoying verification method which is working for anti-spam. I am one of those and I am going to give some solutions for you fix Omegle reCaptcha problem on the website. These are quite easy steps and you can do these in seconds. I am also give some info on why the website thinks that you are spamming… This will also help you to avoid from Omegle reCaptcha in the future.

Why Omegle Thinks That You are Spamming?

This is the most important question for you. If you know the answer you can avoid the spam and you can begin to use the chat site more safely. There are too much bots on the website for sure. (See: Omegle Bot Problem) When you meet them, you begin to next them really quick. If you start to next people very quick, the system will take you as a bot since nexting people quick is a behaviour of bots on website. Since you have done similar behaviours with bots, you will start to have reCaptcha problem on Omegle. So you will need to be a little bit slow while you are next people. I am going to provide all solutions for you below. You can check for solutions.

How to Fix Omegle reCaptcha Problem

There is a way to fix this problem on Omegle, however you need to have a dynamic IP for that. If you have static IP for your internet connection, it is not going to work for you.

Firstly, you will need to clear all history of your browser and all cache, cookies and data… If you don’t know how to clear cache and history on the browser, you can see this guide for Google Chrome: You can learn how to do it if you are using Chrome. After you cleared cache and data, please close your browser. Then unplug your router and wait for a few minutes. Plug your router and Go to Omegle again. Now you can connect to people and talk to strangers on Omegle without reCaptcha problem.

If you don’t use Google Chrome, almost every browsers have similar deleting cache and cookies system. You can take it as an example to fix Omegle recaptcha issue.

There is also a case study for removing the recaptcha problem of Omegle on How to Chat Online, you can also check it. There are some alternative solutions for you.
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