Omegle Video Chat for Android

I have tried several times to connect Omegle video chat with an Android device. There wasn’t Omegle video chat for Android at all. Some of my friends told me that can use that on their Android devices and they can easily talk to strangers with their mobile. However that wasn’t make any sense to me because I was thinking that it was impossible to make it work video chat sites with Google Chrome or Samsung Internet Browser. Then I have seen a guide about how to make Omegle Video Chat work for Android on internet. I am going to give a brief information on this for you. I believe this will be a good tutorial for those who wants to have Omegle video chat for Android devices. This is actually very simple to do. You don’t need any coding or you don’t need to pay or you don’t need to register. All you need to do download a browser. See More at: Omegle Video Chat Android: Samsung and Other Phones

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Omegle Video Chat for Android

So how did I make Omegle video chat work on Android phones and tablets? See the answer…

Firstly I have searched for Puffin browser on Google Play Store and installed it to my Samsung Galaxy A8. Firstly the application was quite mess to me since I am use to have my surfing at Google Chrome or Samsung Internet Browser. Then I figured that actually Puffin is quite handy for this. I made a few searches on the app and learned to how to use that in a few minutes. That was pretty easy.

Then I went to Omegle and I haven’t seen any video chat button on the website. It was a huge disappointment for me. But I thought that I am doing something wrong. Because I have investigated about the browser before. I have seen some comments that, people can even play flash games on that. There were also some positive feedbacks for usage of Omegle too. So I decided to take a look at settings of the application. When I have seen “Desktop View” in the settings, I just understood what is wrong with it. I turned it into the desktop view and that’s it. Video Chat appeared on the main page of Omegle.

Omegle Talk to Strangers on Android

I made the settings of my camera and mic on the camera screen of Omegle and I began to talk to strangers on Android. That was amazing experience for me and I really liked it. It was even faster than PC chatting. If you have any trouble with Puffin browser, you can check this page: You can also Informative guideline for using Omegle on Android on guiding websites. You can use Omegle Video chat for Android with the guidance of those… You can see the source of this article on our pages.

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