How to Get Unbanned from Omegle – 2019 Tips

I have banned from Omegle several times without a reason.  There are also many people like that on the world. There are many complaints about bans which have no reason. I am going to tell you how did I get unbanned from Omegle recently in 2018.  I have told you how did I fixed my problem with connection error recently. Actually this solution very similar with that.

How to Get Unbanned Omegle – 2019 Tips

I removed my ban from Omegle with two different ways. One of those is changing my IP via unplug the router, the second one is using Ultrasurf VPN.

Unplugging the Router is the best solution for get unbanned from the Omegle. If you have dynamic IP, this will work excellent.

Firstly, I disconnected my computer from internet and clear caches of Chrome. To clear caches of Chrome, close all tabs on the browser. Hit CTRL+H.  Click on “Clear browsing data” link at left sidebar. Clear all time datas from your browser.

When you complete it, unplug your router and wait for a few minutes. Then plug your router and connect your computer to internet again. You will able to connect to Omegle again.

The other option is Ultrasurf VPN. I am using it for many problems about connection and bans. This is also good for unblock. You can use this service for many stuff. This will also work for get unbanned from Omegle. You can download it from the official website:

What I have done with Ultrasurf for removing ban is downloading the zip file from the official source, cleaning cache and data on Chrome and run it . You don’t need to install it to your PC or Mac since it is a simple exe file. Sometimes it doesn’t remove ban of Omegle. However you can still  change port to get unbanned Omegle. You can find more information on this in the source link.

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Omegle Banned Me and There wasn’t Any Reason

I understand well this situation, because I faced with that several times. You can see a complaint on reddit about this situation: There are more than this on internet and you can find many other complaints. However personally I don’t blame Omegle staff for this. They are trying to control more than one million people in a day. This is really hard to do and there will be mistakes of course. When these mistakes start to be very often it can be annoying though… It is another story…

If you are trying to send a feedback to Omegle, please don’t do it because it won’t work. They have closed all contact channels recently. You can’t even send a support mail them at the moment.

Update: Hola better internet is also another good option for ban issues.

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