Omegle Video Chat Android: Samsung and Other Phones

Connect to Omegle Video Chat Android with the Help of Puffin Web Browser

I have experienced many things on Omegle and I want to share my experiences to you on Omegle Video Chat Android. It will be good experience for you if you ever do my tips with your phone. You know. It is a little bit complicated to chat with people on android devices. However I will try to help you about this. There are also many other guides on this blog for you, you can also check those pages to get more information about how to use this website. You can also ask your questions about how to talk to people on this guideline.

Talk to strangers on Omegle video chat Android! Tips are here!

Firstly let me tell you how you will do this step by step. Thanks to an online chat guide, they provided a good guide on Omegle Video Chat Android. Users will able to make your camera work on Android devices with these tips and you will run Omegle on Samsung and any other Android phones. Users will able to find some alternative chat platforms and applications too. You will need to visit Play Store and search for Puffin Browser which is a good android browser application. You can meet new people through this service and you can even play many games. This is very handy and the developer of the application is very helpful. After you download the application, please download a VPN to your phone.

First run the VPN and then Puffin browser. Tap on settings of puffin browser and view it as desktop. After you enabled the desktop, you will need to go to Omegle. You will see that Omegle Video Chat Android button is blue on your browser. Tap on that and begin to talk to strangers.

No, you can’t use it with mobile view on Puffin Browser!

Yes, unfortunately you will be unable to use it mobile view on your phone. If you turn it to mobile view, Omegle will understand that you are connecting from a mobile device and it is going to disable the video chat automatically. So you won’t able to use Omegle Video Chat Android on your device and the camera is not going to work on Puffin browser. I don’t want this to happen to you.

While you are trying to connect to the video chat, a video will appear on your screen. Just be patient and watch it, then the website will start to work. After I reconnect to the this Omegle Android Chat feature, the same ads didn’t appear though. So these are appearing on your screen maybe just once. I guess it refreshes in a week or a month though. If I see any change, I am going to share it with you.

How can I talk to strangers on Omegle video Android?

You won’t need to do much for this. You can type to stranger as same as you have done on desktop. Users can also enable your microphone to talk to strangers on Omegle video Android chat. This will take your seconds to setup your account. You will able to talk to strangers in a few seconds with the help of the website. There is no registration required for it. It is free and reliable service.

Is it free? Of course, it is…

All tools which I recommended for you on this page are free. You can use them without registration as I have already described above. Omegle Video Chat Android is one of the best chat platforms that you can use on your Samsung and other Android phones. There is not any payment for Puffin. There can be some in-app purchases for premium VPNs though. I have tested some free VPN applications on Android and they were working good.

It doesn’t harm your Android phones! No worries!

If you worry that if what I told you can harm your phone, you shouldn’t worry about that. This won’t do anything to your phone or any other devices. This is the most popular way to get rid of this problem. Please comment this page if you couldn’t make it run! I am going to help you about your troubles. You can leave a comment below for a help request.

Omegle video chat on mobile experiences…

This will be strange experience for you to talk to strangers on Omegle Video Chat in mobile. It was also strange for me too because I was able to talk to people with my phone and I was free to move at home. What I experienced is skipping strangers was quite hard with phone. You will need to swipe your phone several times on the website. If you are lucky enough you can begin to talk to a female stranger.

Does it still work in 2019?

Yes! All tricks I have mentioned here is working in 2019. I just tries it now and I successfully talked with a few strangers on the website. Please don’t forget that you will need to have a VPN if you want this trick to work. Why? Let’s see why do you need it.

Why do you need VPN for Omegle video chat Android?

You will need VPN because Puffin are using shared IPs. There are many people who are using this browser on Omegle. So the IP you have connected to the website can be banned from Omegle.  If you don’t want this to happen, you can use those VPN application on Android.  You will able to connect to Omegle Video Chat Android much better with this.

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