Omegle Video Chat for iOS

Some of those who are following my blog have read that how do I fix my video chat problem on Android… I got some questions based on Omegle video chat iOS too. I decided to answer them on this page and I will give you some important information to you on how to make it work on iPhone and iPad devices. Omegle video chat for iOS is not available as same as Android. So you will need to do it with your own efforts and I will tell you how to do it.

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Omegle Video Chat for iOS

So you want to use video chat on your iPhone and begin to talk to strangers with your iPhone or iPad device. You can’t do it with an Omegle application or you can’t do it with Safari browser on your phone. There are some applications which allows you to use flash on browsers. Since I got queries for this subject I borrowed my friend’s iPhone and tried to enter to the video chat.  I am going to tell you how did I make Omegle video chat for iOS work.

Firstly I tried to enter to Omegle video chat for iOS with Safari browser. However I understood that it is not possible to talk to strangers on video with Safari at all because it doesn’t have any support for such a flash based video chat. Then I went to App Store on iPhone and searched for Puffin Browser as I have done the same for Android. Somehow I was sure that this browser will work on iPhone too. I installed it on my device and went to website of Omegle. I tapped three dots menu of Puffin and then tap on desktop view. Video chat button appeared on the website. I started to chat via video chat button and it worked! It was working excellent! You can do the same begin to talk to strangers.

If you ever have a trouble with Puffin on iOS, this is their support: You can also contact me if you have questions about Omegle video chat for iOS.

Talking to Strangers on Omegle Video iOS

As I have told you above, that was really amazing experience to talking to strangers on the website. I made lots of friends with those tips. I made a friend from Finland and I am talking her on WhatsApp at the moment. This is a little bit hard to meet girls from those services but I managed to do that.

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