Weirdos on Omegle! A Sad Story

One of my friends is addicted to Omegle. However after an incident that he had on Omegle, he quit it. He left the use of the website because of a weirdo. Yes this is insane a little bit but truth. That was quite annoying for him. He has met with a girl who was doing strange movements on the website and he liked her. They were speaking on WhatsApp and I have seen the girl on a cam chat through WhatsApp. When I saw the girls she looked liked very strange to me but since my friend was loving her, I didn’t make any complain about the situation.

Weirdos on Omegle and Lies

That was a little bit exciting for my friend. He was happy and since they were in the same state, they would meet very soon. He prepared much for the meeting. He even called me about 15 times about how to talk her in real life. Hahah. Yeah, he has some problems with the social life. The date came and he went out to meet with that person. I was waiting good news from him but didn’t hear anything from him. When I called him, he told me he is airport and he will talk to me when he arrived. However he didn’t come to me or talk to me. Then I decided to go his home a few days later. He was quite disappointed.

He told me that girl was transgender and she has hidden that from him. Personally I like transgenders but this was a little bit surprising for me. I mean hiding the gender from a man who you love… It was really disappointing. I respect every genders on the world but everyone has their own choices for relations.

He was still telling me that he loves her but that was an impossible relation with her. What I have seen in video chat was a beautiful girl with strange moves and a manly voice.

When I asked my friend about his voice, he told me that she has lied him as it’s a gift.


Unfortunately this is quite sad story for myself and for my friend. I believe you should be honest to people whoever you meet on internet. If you lie, truths can hurt others as same as in this sad story. Because you never know that what will time bring you. I hope all of us have lots to learn from this sad story.

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