Why There are Too Much Creeps on Omegle

Omegle is a popular website but no one can deny that there are too much creeps on that. You can talk to strangers on the website but it is a little bit manipulated with child predators and many other people who are violating terms at the moment. This is still a good website to create friendships? I just don’t know the answer of this but all I know is there are too much weirdos on the website which are becoming annoying day by day. There are also bots which couldn’t be fixed for years.

Why Those Creeps are Using Omegle?

Because it is free to use and there are many good opportunities for those people to manipulate others. Trolling on the website is a new trend and you will see many people who are trying to troll you on the website.  A few days ago I have connected to the website and I met someone with weird voice. A moron was trying to be a girl like 15 year old. I believe he was also trying to record me. I just told him moron and got away from the website. Then I tried text chat of Omegle but no changes. Full of bots, spammers, annoying people, etc.

How to Get Rid of Creeps?

I really have no idea about how to get rid of those creeps. However I know that Omegle is losing its popularity and people are looking for alternative chat websites. Especially those who are using mobile devices are quitting the website because it is working hardly on Android. The website is still very promising but I believe that there should be many changes. They should get rid of platforms like Omegle lady zone, they should remove unmonitored and unmoderated chat versions of the website. Otherwise we will go on to meet annoying people on the website without dresses.

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